Acupuncture in New York By Dr. Gregory Kuperman

Millions of Chinese can't be wrong! 

For thousands of years acupuncturists have used needles and other methods to stimulate pressure points in the body in order to relieve pain and alleviate health disorders. 

When energy is flowing freely through the meridians, the immune system is stimulated, which is throught to bring on a healing response and balance. 

Get to know Dr. Gregory 

Dr. Gregory Kuperman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his practice as an acupuncturist which span a 30-year period.

He began his career in Russia, where he studied Medicine, with a specialty in neurology. During his work as a Neurologist, he began to learn and practice acupuncture and broadening his skills to encompass both Western and Eastern medical philosophies and practices. 

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Location, location. 

Dr. Gregory practices at two locations in the New York Metropolitan area:

2 West 46 Street suite 806

NY  10036

Tel:  917- 226-41-68

Fax: 212- 932-33-40  


Riverdale Rehabilitation & Massage Therapy at The Whole New Spa

3765 Riverdale ave Bronx New York

NY 10463

Tel:  718-884-99-00

Fax: 718-884-99-22

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