Dr. Gregory Kuperman - Acupuncture in Manhattan, New York

Insurance Plans and Treatment Fees

The following is a list of insurance plans we accept. Dr. Gregory Kuperman is accepting new patients and all plans mentioned below, but please check back with our offices as the plans pay change in the future. 



HIP (HMO Plan)


Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Health Care


If you have scheduled an acupuncture appointment, you should call your insurance company to obtain this information prior to your first visit. If you have several different insurance plans, please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can advise you which insurance plan can benefit you most when starting your acupuncture treatments. 

If you have any questions about insurance, plese call and/or send us a fax with a copy of your insurance card so we can advise you best. 

Acupuncture Fees: 

Initial assessment: $90 up to 90 min.  

Follow-up acupuncture treatment:  $70 up to 50 min.

Cupping Massage: 15$

Special Discounts:

For citizen seniors we offer 15% discount on the first treatment.

Special discount for Aetna program insurance. 20% off of the regular price

* Please note that these benefits may be diagnosis specific, require

 prior authorization, and may be limited to a certain number of visits.