Dr. Gregory Kuperman - Acupuncture in Manhattan, New York

About Dr. Gregory Kuperman


NYS Licensed Acupuncturist 

Master of Oriental Medicine

MD Neurologist (Russia)

Dr. Gregory brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his practice as an acupuncturist which span a 30-year period.

He began his career in Russia, where he studied Medicine, with a specialty in neurology. During his work as a Neurologist, he began to learn and practice acupuncture and broadening his skills to encompass both Western and Eastern medical philosophies and practices. 

Because acupuncture is part of mainstream medical care in Russia, it is practiced only by licensed medical doctors there. Therefore, as an integral part of his training, Dr. Gregory applied his acupuncture learning to the treatment of various neurological disorders.

After coming to the United States, Dr. Gregory continued his acupuncture studies and further broadened his knowledge and skills in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He Graduated College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in New York and obtained degree as Master of Oriental Medicine.

Today, he practices a blend of Western and Eastern treatment, bridging the two with his own personal style of compassion and exceptional skill. 

Dr. Gregory has rich experience with emotional stress-related problems and neurologic conditions such as sleep disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and stress related conditions.

A course of treatment with Dr. Gregory begins with an intake interview and initial treatment. His diagnosis makes use of Oriental techniques as well as the more familiar battery of Western symptoms. 

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 Dr. Gregory practices at two locations in the New York metropolitan area:

Both offices are easily accessed by public transportation and car, and are within easy travel distance from all over the area, including northern New Jersey.