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" Years of working at a demanding job and spending long hours at the computer had taken a toll on both my body and my spirit by the time I had my first acupuncture treatment with Dr. Gregory. I suffered persistent pain in my neck, upper back, and shoulders; the combination of pain and stress drained my energy during the day and made it difficult to sleep through the night. Weekly needling treatments over the past year have regulated my physical and emotional symptoms. These days, my pain is largely insignificant, I can sleep through the night, my energy is renewed, and I am better able to handle work and living stresses than before. I now consider acupuncture an essential part of my lifestyle and look forward to my weekly sessions with Dr. Gregory. "

Ruth Stevens

Bronx, NY

 A few years ago I developed Bell's palsy, a condition that caused my face to be completely disfigured. Dr. Gregory Kupermanwith only a few treatments of acupuncture, returned my face to normal condition and now again I am a very good looking woman.  The Second time he saved my life was when panic attacks were simply killing me and a severe depression was eating me up and on top of everything, I was vomiting uncontrollably due to these two factors causing stomach spasms. These treatments made a change and brought me back to normal function. Long live Dr. Gregory Kuperman!


 Ever since my teen years, I have endured incapacitating migraine headaches. At an average of two headaches a week, I missed many days of school and work because of the disabling pain, nausea, and dizziness. Many doctors, many tests, and many medications failed to do more than provide temporary relief for the most acute symptoms, leaving me waiting for the next attack and more days of pain and sickness. I never believed I would be able to live a migraine-free life—until I began acupuncture treatments with Gregory Kuperman. Within a couple of months of treatments, the headaches began to decrease in frequency. For the past six months I have had no headaches at all. After only eight months of acupuncture, I am completely off migraine medications, and my energy and mood have improved, as well. In fact, my entire life feels more in balance. Many thanks to Dr. Gregory for giving me my life back.


Janet Goldberg

Bronx, NY